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section title
brackets diff. of two squares I
  expanding & solving quad. eqs #1
indices indices, powers & roots
  rules - A* question #10
  rules - A* question #11
  rules - A* question #88
  rules - A* question #97
  rules - A* question #132
algebraic fractions(+-/x) addition algebraic fracts.#1
simple equations 'word based' equation prob #1
simultan. equations by elimination example #1
  linear+quadratic eqs. #1
  by substitution
  word prob, Alg1 Regents Q3 Jan '10
  by graphical method
quad. equations completing the square I
  completing the square II
  quadratic eq. formula
trial & improvement to one decimal place
  to two decimal places
proportion direct & inverse proportion
graphs linear y = mx + c
  graph of a straight line
graphs functions transformation of functions
inequalities word prob, Alg1 Regents,Q5 Jan 10


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