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Alan J. Reed

Alan J. Reed



    Hello and welcome to the GCSE Maths Tutor site. Since leaving teaching I have been involved in web design, graphic design and programming. This has been a new world of discovery for me over the last ten years or so, and a world that has been both challenging and exciting.


However, though I have embraced the new technology I have always had a yearning to go back to my more fulfilling years.


Now I find I have come full circle, back to my first love - teaching. I remind myself that my years working as a web professional were not wasted. They were the necessary preparation to bring me back here, as a teacher. I feel incredibly lucky and honored that the internet has given me the opportunity to reach more students than I could have ever dreamed of.


The main aim of this site is to present mathematics in a non-threatening manner, and to boost the confidence by improving understanding.


It is hoped that in time, GCSE Maths Tutor will act as a useful resource for GCSE mathematics, High School and College math and foster an interest in the wider subject of mathematics.


Here are a few words to those student who may think they may not be up to it and think all this is too much of a mountain to climb.


The mind is an incredible organ and unlike anything else we know. Some people believe that it is like a computer with a definite memory, which limits what it can do. This could not be further from the truth. The reality is that the more the brain experiences, learns and remembers, the more it can do.


Believe me, nothing is truly difficult. The trick is to break a problem down into its simpler parts. It works for me.


Alan J. Reed




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