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Yes you can improve your grades! But only by hard work. There are no quick fixes. Read the notes, watch the videos and play with the interactives. It is also important to get lots and lots of practice. So use the worksheets and exam papers. These will help your understanding and boost confidence.

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Pythagoras Part 1
congruent triangles
triangle types
angles from intersecting lines
triangle external angles
triangle internal angles
angles around a point
naming triangles, their sides and angles
naming angles
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USA Exam Videos
Regents 01/10 alg-1
Regents 01/09 alg-1
Regents 06/09 geom
Calif. Stands alg-1
Calif. Stands geom
number types
powers roots
growth & decay
standard form
ratio proportion
algebra basics
algebraic fractions
simple equations
simultaneous eqs.
quadratic eqs.
MORE . . . . .
simultaneous equatns.
reflections in axes
chord tangent angle
expanding brackets V
expanding brackets IV
expanding brackets III
expanding brackets II
expanding brackets I
LCM calculator I
HCF calculator I
vulgar fractions II
vulgar fractions I
fraction addition
fraction subtraction
surds part I
algebraic functions
straight line y = mx + c
quadratic roots calc.
% of a number
% depreciation
% appreciation
decimal mult. I
triangle ext.angle
matrix vector addit.
circle subtended L's
parallelogram props.
rhombus props.
rectangle props.
square props.
kite props.
cyclic quadrilateral
chord bisector
volume cone
volume pyramid
volume sphere
volume cylinder
vol. triang. prism
Pythagoras Theorem
corresponding L's
alternate L's
area circle approx.
area triangle
area parallelogram
area trapezium
rotational symm.
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Google Books Library

Introducing the GCSE Maths Tutor Google Books Library. Here you can view selected chapters from new maths textbooks for free.

gcse maths by metcalf and bowles
GCSE Maths
by Bowles & Metcalf, published by Nelson Thornes

Edexcel GCSE Modular Maths #1(Higher) by by Karen Hughes, published by Heinemann
Edexcel GCSE Modular Maths #1(Higher)
by Karen Hughes, published by Heinemann



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    nuclear phys.

    quantum mechs.


    thermal phys.